Yoga Classes

Studio Classes

Currently teaching Private Classes with UBC Recreation. 

Private and Small Group Sessions

Private one on one Yoga sessions and small group classes (including couples and family classes) are available by request in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.  Private classes are designed according to the specific goals of the individual or group: ranging from decreasing pain and increasing mobility, or mastering a certain posture. Private one on one sessions are $85.00 per 60 minute class, and $100.00 per 75 minute class.  Small groups rates are $90 per hour, maximum 10 people.  Please contact me for more information about rates and locations.

Corporate Yoga

Bring yoga into your workplace during lunch or break time to help workers stretch, strengthen, and de-stress.  Yoga is great for team morale, and helps improve mental focus: $70.00 per 45 minute class. 

Ayurvedic Consultations

Private Ayurvedic Consultations during which dietary and lifestyle recommendations to help you optimize your health are available by request. Typically the assessment process consists of a 75 minute intake and one or more 60 minute follow up session over the course of 1 -3 months,

What to expect

Prior to your consultation you will be sent an intake form to help establish your unique constitution and highlight you health concerns and goals. Basic Ayurvedic theory will be explained during your intake.  The assessment will be conducted according to a traditional examination process including inspection of the pulse, tongue, eyes, nails, speech, physical stature, and discussion of urine and feces.  Recommendations will consist of easy changes to diet, lifestyle, and exercise.


Initial Consult 75 minutes: $70.00

Follow up 60 minutes: $50.00

Specials: Sign up for 3 sessions (Initial consult + 2 follow ups): $130.00

Ayurvedic Meal Planning

I am pleased to offer customized Ayurvedic meal planning following an initial assessment based upon your unique constitution, present condition, health goals, and season.  

Basic Meal Plan: includes multiple daily food combinations for breakfast, lunch, and dinner : $60.00

Weekly Meal Plan: 7 day meal plan: $120.00

Please contact me to set up an appointment.  


There are currently no scheduled workshops.