The word yoga means union.  The mind body union cultivated by yoga helps us understand and heal our bodies. Yoga helps us find stillness amidst the overwhelming world and the overthinking mind.   

The practice of yoga can help strengthen our bodies and correct imbalances.  Many students notice shortly after beginning yoga that the benefits are more than just physical.  Yoga practitioners often experience a deep and rejuvenating sense of joy, relaxation, and mental clarity. 


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Ayurveda is often translated as "the science of life". Alongside yoga, it stems from a 5,000 year old tradition striving to bring life into balance.       Ayurveda views 5 Great Elements as the foundation of everything in the universe. These elements are Ether/Space, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. The human being is considered to be a microcosm of the universe, therefore the same elements make up our bodies, minds, and spirits, and shape our experience of life.  


The Doshas

The 5 elements combine in humans to form the Doshas.  People tend to gravitate mentally and physically with a combination of 1-3 of these doshas.

Vata = Ether + Air

Pitta = Fire + Water

Kapha = Water + Earth

The word dosha translates to "that which is at fault". Essentially the elements existing in you are prone to fall out of balance.  Ayurveda helps us return to balance by considering how our elements interact with the elements of the seasons, our food, and the activities, careers, and social interactions we pursue. Ayurveda helps us provide a stable physical and mental state so that we can eradicate any obstacles created by imbalance so that we may lead the meaningful happy lives we all deserve.  I am currently offering private Ayurvedic consultations, meal planning, and workshops in Vancouver.  

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